Greyhawk 2020

Ep 7 Your Pick

Completing a long rest, the party now at level 4, discovers a locked area that cannot be entered except by the use of two keys simultaneously. They also discover the log of the dwarf cleric named Averes, who switched allegiance to Graar the dwarf god of misers and misery, and brought down the Glitterdoom curse on the outpost, changing the dwarfs into the creatures now inhabiting it. Descending to the mine area, the party confronts the now evil cleric and three grubs. Roland power attacks a cross beam supporting a mine shaft, causing a collapse that prevents more grubs from entering the chamber. Making good use of Heat Metal, Bless, and Spiritual Weapon, the party manages to kill the cleric, ending the curse on the outpost. The locked room contains the gold ore the party was looking for.

The evil dwarf had a magical pick that had special properties to locate valuable minerals, in the hands of a dwarf. The Stoneheart Clan bargains with the party, and obtains the pick, in return for a ring of protection, plus 1 heavy crossbow, and plus one greataxe. Party earns 1000 xp each, bringing them to 4th level plus 1000.

Ep 6 Stoned

Accepting a commission from the Stonehearts to clear out an outpost of a long lost dwarfven clan, Noc, Roland, and Mork escort a dwarf named Occam, to the outpost, named Knuckle. Defeating three stoneghosts, one giant greed grub, and a small earth elemental, they exit the facility to complete a long rest.

Ep 5 A Clean Sweep
A Clean Sweep

Rescuing a bound and gagged elf in the ruins, the party retreats and finishes a full rest. Returning to the goblin base, the party takes on three goblins whose battle cry is “For the Horde!” Dispatching them, the party is surprised by a Grick, whose multiattack brings two members close to dropping. Defeating the grick, the party takes a short rest, then moves further into the base, encountering two hobgoblins, and finally a bugbear and wolf companion, The wolf is dropped quickly, and the bugbear is unable to land a blow, leading to his demise. The party rescues a dwarf by the name of Puggit, who hails from the dwarfen enclave of Stoneheart. Puggit and companions were on their way to meet the Azure Sea Coster trading group, to negotiate a trade in mithral and mithral products, when they were waylaid. They party escorts Puggit back to Stoneheart, meeting the ruler, Gamlick, who rewards them with any custom made mithral armor of their choice. Mork admits to being involved in Azure Sea Coster, and begins preliminary negotiations, helping the dwarves figure out the best products and approach to the trading consotrium. The party agrees to escort Puggit to the trade negotiations in a month, coinciding with when their armor will be done (except for Mack, whose request for full plate may take up to a year – the dwarfs being unwilling to admit their current smiths can’t handle it, they will try to find someone to hire for the task). Completing the deal with Duke Nicolas, the party is deeded the manor, and now has a base of operations to maintain and retreat to when the mood strikes them.

Ep. 4 Meats and Greets
Meats and Greets

Using the cleric Hemek to preserve the body of Rivana Wynngard, the party heads to the townhall of Castlewood to see about legally occupying the formerly haunted manor. Making their way through the castellan, they eventually meet Castlewood’s ruler, Nicolas, who agrees to deed them the manor, if they complete their quest to return Rivana to her father, the current ruler of the formerly vampire dominated Ravenloft. Traversing the Crystalmist mountains over the span of three weeks, and surviving one goblin ambush, the party makes its way to Ravenloft, spending a nightmare filled night at the inn/tavern, the Blood of the Vine. The next day, they make their way to Castle Ravenloft, meeting the ruler Jason Wynngard, and successfully returning the body of his daughter to him. Getting bad vibes, they decide not to stay another night in Ravenloft, but leave immediately. Coming back and surviving another goblin ambush, they close the deal on the manor with Nicolas, but he asks them to head back into the Crystalmists to fix the goblin problem, permanently. Eventually finding a large cavern with a goblinoid base, the party begins its assault, defeating 7 goblins and 4 hobgoblins in the front rooms of the crumbling structure.

Ep 3 - dead but stubborn
dead but stubborn

Mork materializes from the ethereal plane, in time for the assault on the second floor of the manor. High winds drive back the party, but they fight through them to overcome a room where they shrink and fight a centipede, a giant frog in a tub, and invisibility on their crossbowman. Going through a trap door to the attic, they find Rivana Wynngard’s corpse on the floor…their guide has been a ghost! An Imp attacks (trying to keep them from freeing its former master), but the party defeats it, and flees intense poltergeist attacks, assembling all the skulls (eventually) in the right order. Assembling the skulls grants the party the key to the laboratory of the wizard. Entering, two of the party step to the table where the wand of wonder sits, both dematerializing before the astonished eyes of their companions. The fearless barbarian takes the wand of wonder from its perch, disrupting its magical mayhem imposed on the manor. This also spits out the two party members and the lost wizard from the ethereal plane, the wizard now a powerful zombie. The party defeats the zombie, then sees Rivana’s ghost one last time, who thanks them for releasing all in the manor from the effects of the wand. She gives her blessing to the party to keep the manor and all its contents, and asks only for one last favor…return her body to her father.

Ep 2 mind your manors
mind your manors

Setting up the cleric Hemek in a village called Havehollow, which was in need of a healer, the party meets a female bard named Rivana Wynngard in a tavern, who sings a song about a wizard whose magical experiments on a wand went awry. She is going to the mage’s haunted manor to investigate, and asks the party to help her, The part refuses to allow her a share of any treasure (DM therefore adjusting treasure down accordingly), so she refuses to help them in the manor, as they attempt to navigate the haunted building, a stone structure in the Hornwood Forest. As the party enters the building, both barbarians phase out of existence, teleporter style. The party discovers human skulls with moon phases etched on them, and a dining room where 8 headless skeletons sit. Assuming they should reassemble the heads with the skeletons, the party makes it way through the first floor of the building, overcoming illtempered butterflies, chess, jars and darkness, taking a short rest before traversing on to the second floor.

Ep 1 home is where the hurt is
home is where the hurt is

The party, childhood friends, are in town to participate in their citizenship ceremony, as they turn 20. An annual fall festival, it is always well attended, and a happy occasion. Enjoying themselves fully, and with the festival completed, each is about ready to go on to other matters, when an urgent message is sent to one of the friends by his parents “Come quick, and bring everyone…your brother is in trouble!”

Deducing the brother is suffering from some sort of magical sleep, the party interrogates the sister, to find out where the brother had been. Following the clues, the party ends up at an old three story stone temple of Ra in the forest. Fighting through traps, tricks, rats and zombies, the party ends up finding the formula for the cure, and creates an antidote, curing a lvl 5 cleric named Hemek in the temple as well of the sleeping doom, as well as the brother.


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