Wood Elf Cleric of the War Domain


The fame of snuffing out the fire beetle came bittersweet for Calvan. His parents and two younger sisters parished in the flames. The son of a Hornwood bow crafter, he was left with nothing but a sack of his father’s final works. Unable to bear staying where he lost so much, he sold all but one of the remaining bows and set out to find his last known living relative, his great uncle Merith.

He found him stationed in the Vesve Forest, in a village ironically named Flameflower. His uncle was a cleric the defending the forest from the invading armies of Iuz. Merith taught him of Correlon Larethian, the creator of elves. Calvan learned to embrace his elven herritage and to smite those who seek to destroy it. He studied basic magic and herbal medicine. He began to accompany Merith into battle, squiring for his uncle and healing wounded warriors. Already proficient with a bow, he learned to swing the long sword, the favored weapon of Corellon. He quickly became a powerful agent of his faith.

During a recent orc raid, tragedy struck yet again as Merith was slain before his own eyes. Calvan killed the orc responsible, though it did not give him the solace that he sought. That very evening Corellon spoke to him in a dream. He told him it was time to return to his childhood home, as a new evil was about to present itself. With his uncles tomes in hand and an ever growing hatred of Orcs, he now travels back to where he lost everything he once loved.


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