Barbarian, Half-Orc


Born, a twin, from Ulek mother Alleisandra Pasuvios and an unlawful Pomarj Warrior known as Grimmok from a foul act during the Wars of Confusion on a raid. After she survived Alleisandra moved to Castlewood in Geoff. After the events of the fire beetle hit their town, and took the life of their mother, Nork and his twin brother Mork traveled to Ulek in search of their mother’s family name.

Arriving in Ulek, the brothers were accepted on as Merchant Bodyguards to an enterprising young noble, Jacques Deliarte (Deh-ley-ar-tey) Pasuvios, who does not know his relation to the brothers. Working for Jacques taught the twins valuable knowledge with supply and demand as well as an added bonus of using the House armory and weapons-master. For 2 years the twins protected, commanded, and made the Pasuvios house caravan very profitable. With Jacques successes over land, protected and lead by Nork and Mork, he expanded his trade network and created Azure Sea Coster.

For 3 years the twins sailed the Azure Sea, for the Azure Sea Coster, visiting far reaching places like the Wildcoast to Ahlissa. Nork and Mork eventually told House Pasuvios of their heritage and mother Alleisandra. At first, mistrusted by most of the House but Jacques, the twins worked hard and eventually were accepted. During a fateful last voyage, the trade convoy was overrun by pirates, who captured Nork and Mork alive to sell in the Hold of the Sea Princes.

For 2 and a half years the twins fought in the Arena’s, fighting alongside an Aged Orc Barbarian, until his fatal 1 on 10 fight against a pack of Arena Lions. The barbarian taught and trained Nork and Mork about the path of being a barbarian and helped guide the brothers in their desperate time. The twins became known as the Fang and Claw Brothers after their fateful fight against Bristleback and Ravage, a war bear and dire wolf, with a wicked reputation. Nork and Mork honoured their spirits and kept the bodies for talismans and fur, thus knowing the paths they would take. Following any and all leads, Jacques was eventually successful in contacting the Shar Resistance Underground for a rescue on his long lost cousins.

Nork and Mork, rescued by their House, rejoiced when they arrived back in Ulek to a family embraceable and joyous for their return. The twins later received word from Castlewood they would be hosting a naming day and were invited. The twins rushed back to meet their old friends and town they grew up in.


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