Welcome to the homepage for 5th Edition adventures set in the classic world of Greyhawk.

The party will begin play at 1st level, see Wizards of the Coast for a free download of the base rules and classes.

The adventure begins in Castlewood, a province of the Duchy of Geoff, at its western edge, a fertile valley sandwiched between the Cystalmist Mountains and the Hornwood Forest. A frontier town, the area was settled about 38 years ago Once renowned for its keep with permanent walls of fire surrounding it, the fluctuations in magic have long since extinguished those flames. Having its usual share of dangers, the land was once besieged by giants attacking from the Crystalmists, but the last incursion was before the adventurers were born. Lady Elaine, the current ruler of Geoff, has given the province to her son Duke Nicholas, to rule. Generally a laissez faire ruler, life in Castlewood is fairly good for the plebians.

Geopolitically, Geoff was involved in substantial wars with surrounding countries over 20 years ago, which resulted in a change of rulership for a number of them. Subsequent to those wars, the entire known world was thrown into a period known as the Wars of Confusion. For unknown reasons, lifelong allies became enemies, and bitter enemies became friends, as wars driven by the various pantheons inflamed virtually every country. The concept of alignment could not explain the alliances and sides taken in these wars. The people did not even know what these wars were being fought for or over, and their fury was spent about 10 years ago…relative calm has reigned since then.

Tenuous trade routes through the Crystalmists connect Castlewood with a dwarf settlement in the mountains, and eventually to Ull, a kingdom far away on the other side of the Crystalmists to the north. On the western side of the Crystalmists is a great plain that that alternately becomes ocean or desert for unknown reasons. This plain is known as the Wet Steppes or Dry Steppes, depending on its current conditions. At the edge of the Steppes is the land of Ravenloft, known even today for its vampire lord that ruled it for centuries.

Concerning Magic: magic has been fluctuating wildly over the past 3 decades in the world. What had started as manageable changes over 15 years ago, became alarming variations about 10 years ago. Most recently, 5 years ago, another major shift in magic occurred.

The latest change has left magic much more tenuous than in the past. Spells are generally weaker than they used to be, do not last as long as they used to, and many spells require active concentration just to keep them maintained. Even magic items have withered and are less effective than before.

As this has occurred, changes also occurred in the abilities of those who don’t use magic – fighters, rogues, etc. This has led to conjecture that somehow all adventurers, consciously or unconsciously, tap into a special source of power, and it is that source that has been changing, waning (and perhaps it is that ability to tap into the source, that enables someone to be an adventurer in the first place). However, no one knows … or no one is talking…

Concerning the Adventurers: each with fascinating and varied histories, the party members have no ties to each other, other than a chance meeting on the road – but, that is enough to change their lives…

Greyhawk 2020

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