Greyhawk 2020

Ep. 4 Meats and Greets

Meats and Greets

Using the cleric Hemek to preserve the body of Rivana Wynngard, the party heads to the townhall of Castlewood to see about legally occupying the formerly haunted manor. Making their way through the castellan, they eventually meet Castlewood’s ruler, Nicolas, who agrees to deed them the manor, if they complete their quest to return Rivana to her father, the current ruler of the formerly vampire dominated Ravenloft. Traversing the Crystalmist mountains over the span of three weeks, and surviving one goblin ambush, the party makes its way to Ravenloft, spending a nightmare filled night at the inn/tavern, the Blood of the Vine. The next day, they make their way to Castle Ravenloft, meeting the ruler Jason Wynngard, and successfully returning the body of his daughter to him. Getting bad vibes, they decide not to stay another night in Ravenloft, but leave immediately. Coming back and surviving another goblin ambush, they close the deal on the manor with Nicolas, but he asks them to head back into the Crystalmists to fix the goblin problem, permanently. Eventually finding a large cavern with a goblinoid base, the party begins its assault, defeating 7 goblins and 4 hobgoblins in the front rooms of the crumbling structure.


525 xp awarded per char for ep 4, bringing each character that has been there each session, to 1,325 xp or so. All others are at 1,025 xp. But, that is enough experience for all to now be level 3 (900 xp).

Ep. 4 Meats and Greets

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