Greyhawk 2020

Ep 5 A Clean Sweep

A Clean Sweep

Rescuing a bound and gagged elf in the ruins, the party retreats and finishes a full rest. Returning to the goblin base, the party takes on three goblins whose battle cry is “For the Horde!” Dispatching them, the party is surprised by a Grick, whose multiattack brings two members close to dropping. Defeating the grick, the party takes a short rest, then moves further into the base, encountering two hobgoblins, and finally a bugbear and wolf companion, The wolf is dropped quickly, and the bugbear is unable to land a blow, leading to his demise. The party rescues a dwarf by the name of Puggit, who hails from the dwarfen enclave of Stoneheart. Puggit and companions were on their way to meet the Azure Sea Coster trading group, to negotiate a trade in mithral and mithral products, when they were waylaid. They party escorts Puggit back to Stoneheart, meeting the ruler, Gamlick, who rewards them with any custom made mithral armor of their choice. Mork admits to being involved in Azure Sea Coster, and begins preliminary negotiations, helping the dwarves figure out the best products and approach to the trading consotrium. The party agrees to escort Puggit to the trade negotiations in a month, coinciding with when their armor will be done (except for Mack, whose request for full plate may take up to a year – the dwarfs being unwilling to admit their current smiths can’t handle it, they will try to find someone to hire for the task). Completing the deal with Duke Nicolas, the party is deeded the manor, and now has a base of operations to maintain and retreat to when the mood strikes them.


700 xp awarded, total xp is now 2025 per character, 700 away from 4th level.

When resumed, the campaign will pick up with the trade mission escort quest

Ep 5 A Clean Sweep

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