Greyhawk 2020

Ep 7 Your Pick

Completing a long rest, the party now at level 4, discovers a locked area that cannot be entered except by the use of two keys simultaneously. They also discover the log of the dwarf cleric named Averes, who switched allegiance to Graar the dwarf god of misers and misery, and brought down the Glitterdoom curse on the outpost, changing the dwarfs into the creatures now inhabiting it. Descending to the mine area, the party confronts the now evil cleric and three grubs. Roland power attacks a cross beam supporting a mine shaft, causing a collapse that prevents more grubs from entering the chamber. Making good use of Heat Metal, Bless, and Spiritual Weapon, the party manages to kill the cleric, ending the curse on the outpost. The locked room contains the gold ore the party was looking for.

The evil dwarf had a magical pick that had special properties to locate valuable minerals, in the hands of a dwarf. The Stoneheart Clan bargains with the party, and obtains the pick, in return for a ring of protection, plus 1 heavy crossbow, and plus one greataxe. Party earns 1000 xp each, bringing them to 4th level plus 1000.



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